Recent and major projects by MODULasia

Flat Tube Kitchen Faucet - stainless steel
Flat Tube Kitchen Faucet- Matt black
All purpose pull out basket with soft guide
Multi purpose pull out basket with guide and tray
Half round carousel
Magic Basket
Magic corner soft closing
Pull down kitchen cabinet (Shelves)
Pull down kitchen cabinet (Wire Basket)
Pull out peanut corner shelf
Front pull out side pantry with Soft closing guide
Pull out side pantry
Triple layer pull out pantry
Two layer pull out basket
Under sink organizer
Dish Tray
Cutlery 1
Cutlery 2
Wine glass holder 1
Wine glass holder 2
Wine glass holder 3
Wine Rack
Curve wine rack
Wine Glass
DTS 2 - Mid drawer with bars
DTS 1 Standard drawer
DTS 3 High fronted drawer with bars
Chef pantry unit 450mm CW15 Baskets
Chef pantry unit 450mm CW12 Baskets
Larder unit 400mm
Pull out pantry 200mm CW 6 Baskets
Pull out pantry 300mm CW 6 Baskets
Pull out pantry 400mm CW
Larder unit 600mm Baskets
Pull out waste bin 1
Pull out waste bin 2
Pull out waste bin 3
Stainless Handle 1
Stainless Handle 2
Stainless Handle 3
Stainless Handle 4
Stainless Handle 5
Inclined lift system 1
Inclined lift system 2
Flush pull handle 1
Flush pull handle 2
Flush pull handle 3
Flush pull handle 4
Flush pull handle 5
Flush pull handle 6
Flush pull handle 7
Metal Knob 1
Metal Knob 2
Metal Knob 3
Metal Knob 5
Metal Knob 4
Metal Knob 6
Counter bar support 1
Counter bar support 2
Microwave Support 1
Microwave Support
Roller Shutter
Aluminum sliding profile 1
Aluminum sliding profile 2
Aluminum sliding profile 3
Multi-bin storage box
pull out pants rack
Tie Rack
Wardrobe clothes basket
Wardrobe clothes basket
Wardrobe Lift
Weaved wardrobe clothes basket