Where is your location?

We are located at North Fairview Quezon City

Do you work Outside Metro Manila or provinces?

Yes. We have project all over Luzon area. We can also work in Visayas and Mindanao but client has to shoulder all transportation and shipping fee.

What materials do you use?

We use all kinds of boards depends on the client request and budget. We usually use imported marine plywood and plyboard while high pressure laminates for its finishes.

Do you do ocular?

Yes. Our ocular includes site measurement, consultation, presentation of materials like laminates, quartz counter top, other accessories, provision of plans and elevations, actual costing based on the suggested design, other expenses like, gas, food, man hour rate, etc.

Does your ocular free of charge?

It is chargeable depending on the location. But within Metro Manila, the ocular fee is Php3,000.00. Additional Php3,000.00 when requested for a 3D perspective. These charges will be deductible once the project is awarded to us.

How do I pay for the ocular fee?

You can pay the 50% via Gcash or online transfer so we can reserve a slot. The remaining 50% will be payable at site.

How much is the cost of your kitchen?

Our kitchen is ranging from 40,000 to 45,000 pesos per meter. It includes the following: plan, elevation, 3D perspective, site visit, all cabinets, doors, stainless steel baskets, drawers, spice racks, pantry, quartz counter top, production, delivery and installation, etc. Additional fees may apply if provinces.

Just measure the total length of your kitchen including island counter, bar, nook, pantry and multiply it by 40k to 45k. It is a rough estimate and for budgetary purposes only.

Can you tell me the cost of this particular kitchen?

Our apologies as we do not give the exact amount of a certain project as it differs and demanded by each of our client for confidentiality. But to give you an idea…Refer to Item 7.

Do you also work on demolition of kitchen?

Yes, we can work on it. We have a separate team for that.

What is the term of your payment?

50% down payment, 45% before delivery of items against progress photos, 5% upon acceptance and completion.

Do you have warranty?

Six months against workmanship and manufacturer’s defect.

How long does it take for the production of the kitchen?

Design and production usually will take us 30-45 days upon receipt of down payment but it depends on the line up in our factory.

How long does it take for the Installation?

It will take 5-7 days to complete upon initial delivery of items.

When can I settle the second payment?

Upon initial delivery as we will proceed immediately with installation. The 2nd payment will be for the quartz counter top in order to avoid delays in the completion and installation schedule.

Can I use credit card for payment?

No. We don’t have this kind of service yet.

Is your quotation free of charge?

Yes, it is. Just give us the plan, design, perspective of your proposed kitchen so we can give you a proper estimation. If you don’t have those requirements, we suggest to do an ocular visit so we can provide you with such design and quotation.

Do you also work on closet?

Yes, we do all kinds of storage cabinets like, pantry, cabinet, walk in closet, vanity, shoe rack, tv rack, ledges, under stair cabinets and many more. Everything that a normal carpenter or painter does, we can do it through laminates.

Which is cheaper, modular or traditional built in method?

Based on the study of our team, modular is a lot cheaper than carpentry and painting method in addition to the quality, hassle at home, smell of paint, time during installation, and many more. For a painter to have a high gloss door finish, it will take him a minimum of 3-4 days. But it will only take us 5 minutes to put the laminates to its board.

Do you use machine press?

Our carcass is melamine finish while doors are manual pressed. This gives us assurance that the contact cement adhesive is glued and dried effectively.

How do we start the project?

First is to conduct an ocular then we will do the design and provide you with the cost.

I already have the drawings and design, is it final or you are still going to make an ocular?

Yes, we still need to do an ocular as we need to get exact measurement of walls. We will also be doing a new set of drawings and 3d for your approval.

How about electrical works?

Once the design is approved, we will send an electrical layout so your electrician can work on it.

Are your installers vaccinated?

Yes, they are all vaccinated.

Do you issue official receipt?

Yes, we do upon request, but the total project cost will be having additional 12% as VAT. If not, we only give signed Payment Receipt.

Are we going to provide food for your team?

No. We will take care of that.

Do we need to provide accommodation to them?

This can be discussed and negotiated later on that’s why we need to conduct site visit to consider this thing.

I don’t have the drawings, plans, elevations but I just want to see how much it will cost?

(refer to other FAQ)

Can we go to your office to discuss our project?

Yes. Just search or pin “MODULasia” in google maps or waze.

Do you do ocular in Ilocos, Bicol, etc?

Yes we do.

Do you have discount?

Our quotation already reflects discount.

Do you have freebies?

We have freebies to offer from time to time. Just be updated on our FB page MODULasia.

Can I see sample of your work?

Just visit our website and our YouTube channel MODULASIA and FB page MODULasia.

Do you also make the demolition of existing kitchen?

Yes, we do. But for us to determine the cost, I suggest that we conduct a site visit.

Do you also make house renovations?

Yes, we do. Our General Manager is an Architect thus he can guide you as well on the procedures.

How do we start if we want to renovate our house (minor renovation)?

First is we need our Architect to meet you at site to determine the scope of work. It is chargeable with 6k within Metro Manila which includes all his expenses going to the site, site consultation, and preparation of bill of materials (minor renovation only).

Do you make interior design or major renovations? And how do we start?

Yes, we do.

  • Step 1 - we need our Architect to meet you at site to determine the scope of work. It is chargeable with 6k within Metro Manila which includes all his expenses going to the site, site consultation.
  • Step 2 - After site visit and determining the scope of work, we will give you a proposal for the production of the design.
  • Step 3 - Once you approve the proposal, settlement of down payment has to be confirmed.
  • Step 4- Upon confirmation of the down payment, we will proceed with the design development and send it to you for approval.
  • Step 5- Once you approve the design, we will do the quotation / costing based on the approved design. Please note that we cannot provide a cost estimate until we made a design.